Suggestions for Game Players to Choose a Mouse Pad

2019 - 02 - 14 by inseta

When we are purchasing a mouse pad, we are supposed to focus on its materials. Currently, the materials of mouse pads are divided into two major categories, cloth and hard.

The material of cloth mouse pad ’s surface is soft fabric, with medium friction, which is more suitable for low DPI games, and its core and base material are rubber.

The hard mouse pads refer to the aspect of the mouse pad contact with mouse is made from hard material, which generally speaking, concludes metal, glass, synthetic resin, PVC,  they have lower surface friction, and are better for high DPI games. Due to their smooth handle and stable control, they absolutely deserve the first choice of game players.

FPS is short for First Person Shooter, like Cross Fire, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike OL and so on. For FPS players, they have higher requirements for the accuracy of mouse and mouse pads. Though the glass mousepad is recognized as the most accurate positioning one, it has a low circulation rate, players can purchase a metal mouse pad instead. The glass and metal mouse pad feel very similar, they have the common feature of smooth, which makes users feel comfortable.

RTS is abbreviation for the Real-Time Strategy, for RTS players, the positioning of the mouse pad accuracy requirements is not very high compared to FPS, however, players need to move the mouse quickly when playing the game, thus, RTS players have some requirements for the smoothness of the mouse pad.

For online games, players can feel free to play with all the materials mentioned above. Without the high requirements, you can choose the cloth surface, which is not only easy to be cleaned, but also beautifully printed, you can pick a cute one or one that can show your individuality to make your day.


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