Advantage of Illuminated Charge & Sync Cable

2019 - 02 - 14 by inseta

According to some feedbacks, the appearance of the illuminated charge & sync cable is pretty cool. It always makes people’ s eyebrows go up. When you are hanging out or jogging late at night, you can use the glowing charge & sync cable to make the night vibrant. When you are at home, it makes itself easy to be found at night but not too bright to disturb sleeping. The light is a good indication that the cord is plugged in or not properly. And the light will be turned off as soon as your phone either fully charge or not be used. It is very smart.

From another perspective ,game player can also connect it with controller and gaming device, such as Xbox, PS4 etc. With the glowing cable and the flashing light, it might be more sci-fi to play games like this. It is intellectual, and you can have lots of fun when you use glowing cables to charge.

In sum, illuminated charge & sync cable is not only an identity of individuality, but also a night-light in the dark, to helps you find your mobile phone.


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