Why the Charge Cable with Laser Illumination is More Shinning than the ones with LED or Electroluminescence?

2019 - 02 - 14 by inseta

    Nowadays smart devices are a part of our life, we need to recharge the devices to keep us connected, so the charge cables are indispensable in our daily life. To make the charging more funny and easy to use, a plurality of illuminated charge & sync cables are more and more popular.

    This kind of cables could be illuminated by built-in light source. When charging a device, the cables start to glow and flash like a stream to the device, which makes them more distinguished than the ordinary ones. In addition, the charging status can be indicated through the illumination as well.

    Mainly there are three kinds of illuminated charge & sync cables in the current market, they can be classified by the light source. The adopted light sources include LED, Electroluminescence (EL in short) and LASER.

    LED is very common in our life and it could be lit with low voltage and small current, so it’s the first kind of light source to be integrated into the charge & sync cables. EL wire is another kind of light source integrated into the cables. Alternating high voltage is needed for EL wire to generate a strong electric field to stimulate the light. More bright light requires higher driving voltage.

    The third kind of glowing cable is illuminated by Laser, which has been widely used in the industry. Low voltage driving, higher efficiency, narrow spectrum to present the pure color and brighter illumination make it a better light source for charge& sync cable. With built-in Laser, the luminous effect of this kind of cable is more vivid and attractive.


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